At Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, we don't just heal the horses physically; we also heal them emotionally.

People often ask, "How do you work with all of these abused and untrained horses?" The Chris Irwin Method of Horsemanship has provided us with the tools to reach deep into the souls of these horses, and the knowledge to work through the fear and trust issues many of them have developed due to human injustice and ignorance. In 2012, Brenda achieved the Silver Level of Certification in Chris' Train the Trainer program. She trains all of the volunteers at WHHR to handle the horses with these techniques. Whenever you are with a horse, you are training him or her.

img 3123Education is a key part of the work we do at WHHR to make life better for all horses. So, we host Confident Horsemanship clinics taught by Anne Gage 3 - 4 times a year. These clinics are open to volunteers, adopters, potential adopters and horse owners. Participants can bring their own horses or work with a WHHR horse.

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