Taz came to the rescue in April 2008 as a wild colt who had never been handled. After many hours of handling, veterinary care and being gelded, he has now gone to his new career at a schooling barn in Binbrook, Black's Equestrian Centre. He is doing very well! Along with his new home, he has a new name - Rhett Butler.

Thank you, Harlee!

Hi Brenda and Dave!!

I just wanted to send you an update on the ponies! Rhett Butler is doing extremely well and I have included some of his best pictures. He is my most reliable lesson pony and a barn favourite. I use him for Jamie who is an advanced little hunter rider and he is kind enough to take my 7 year old nephew Johnny for a ride every Friday for his western lessons. I will get pics of him and Johnny soon. It's the cutest thing you have ever seen! He will do anything for food including getting his whiskers trimmed (he was pretty nervous at first!) 2 weeks ago he went to his first off property show and although he didn't trailer perfectly he was an angel upon arrival. We love him to pieces!

We have our Whispering Hearts calender up at Northstar and I promise to visit soon. Thank you again so much for saving these 2 wonderful ponies, they are very much loved and appreciated.